Mr Barry Morgan Mo'exp

Barry Morgan’s Magical Organ Experience (MO’exp)

Get onboard as Barry Morgan (World Of Organs) and Lord Dazastah (Drapht/Downsyde) take you on a magical organ with fat beats joy ride to another dimension where the home organ is the original DJ machine and Baz and Daz ‘mix it’ like maestros.

Barry has connected his home organ to the computer to give you retro grooves on modern beats and he can truly drop it like it’s hot. Mr Morgan has hooked up with DJ/Beat maker master Lord Dazastah for a truly ‘modern as tomorrow’ experience! Who says you can’t dance to a home organ? Get jumping to the groundbreaking Breakbeat Bossanova from the mad scientist of the analogue keyboard world and Lord Dazastah and watch him rock the rhythms whilst trying not to smile. Hehe! 

It’s everything mum and dad hid from you when they wore safari suits and served tinned pineapple.

Length: 45-60 minutes

“Barry Morgan was one of the best-vibing artists we’ve ever had grace the Hill. Stomach-stichingly funny whilst at the same time a music maestro. Thanks Barry!”

– Aidan McLaren, co-director The Hills Are Alive, NYE on the Hill