Mr Barry Morhan HOPE

Home Organ Party Experience (HOPE) in Concert

Barry will entertain, amaze and thrill audiences as he plays his beloved Hammond Aurora Classic and demonstrates all there is to know about hosting an organ party – in the privacy and comfort of your lounge room. Barry will teach the 5 organ party essentials: home care and maintenance, how to throw together that killer outfit, personal fitness and hygiene, creating the perfect catering pack and of course how to play the organ.  Learn Barry’s  famous One Finger Method where you can experience the safest way to get the most out of an organ with just one finger! Barry always likes to dress to impress so come along music lovers, don your best safari suit or evening gown, bring your friends and get down with Barry Morgan and his ultimate Home Organ Party Experience!

Option A length: 1 x 55 minute set, intermission, 1 x 45 minute set
Option B length: 70 minutes